keskiviikko 6. kesäkuuta 2012

NT:n Frankenstein juttuja

Eli näytelmän ohjaaja Danny Boylen haastattelu The Times-lehdestä, erittäin kiinnostava...

Casting Victor and the Creature was always going to be a gamble. But Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Jonny [Lee Miller] just feel right, in the same way that Hugh Grant just wouldn’t feel right. You literally can’t cast it with four combinations in mind, so you have to go for quality. You have to back their ability as lead actors. They have to have the ambition and talent to command the stage, particularly as it’s the Olivier Theatre. It’s a challenging stage, a huge, huge space and it can swallow up actors very easily.

Ja samana päivänä (21.2.2011) kun Frankenstein sai ensi-iltansa Lontoossa, Metro-lehdessä oli aiheen tiimoilta haastattelu..

Cumberbatch, an actor of rare emotional intelligence on stage, and cerebral and charming in the flesh, is quick to bat away any audience preconceptions about how he and Miller might approach both roles.

‘I hate this distinction of me being some f***ing academic who has just managed to escape the allure of some postgraduate course, and Miller as this mad f***ing wild child with dyed hair from Trainspotting,’ he spits. 

‘We have different working methods but ever so slightly – we block on the same lines. We’ve got the same sense of humour and think much the same about what’s good and bad.’

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