perjantai 15. kesäkuuta 2012

Frankensteinia a'la Sherlockology

Nimittäin mun suosikkisivuston ylläpitäjät, Sherlockologyn tiimi, kävi katsomassa myös Frankensteinin uusinta(filmi)esitykset muutama viikko sitten. Loistava, pohtiva ja informatiivinen arvostelu löytyy blogistaan, tietenkin.

Jutussa käydään läpi myös niitä eroavaisuuksia mitä oikeassa teatteriversiossa ja tässä NT Live-versiossa on - muutakin kun Creaturen alastomuus.

The actor would then perform everything you see afterwards, from his encounters with industry workers and people out on the land, until his arrival at the farm homestead, in that state of undress – save for the brown cloak. 

The effect was visceral, electrifying and almost bewildering, the audience confronted and quietened by what they were seeing before them. For purposes of the live broadcast, and presumably to prevent any complaints from around the world, the two actors performed the recorded version wearing what can only be described as a large nappy. While perfectly understandable, the effect from watching the recorded version after such a time is one of a sanitised production, and it lacks a huge degree of power.

As we’ve already said, we find it impossible to recommend one over the other, as in the end it will come down to a personal preference. With both, you get two spins on the same material, a true glimpse at the possibility of interpretation by an actor of the same character. It remains unmissable, and will no doubt be talked about in theatrical circles for a very long time to come – after all, we still are a year after its original debut. If you ever get the chance to see either recording of this remarkable play, we urge you go as an absolute priority.

PS. Kyllä se munkin juttu Frankensteinista vielä tulee...

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