tiistai 23. lokakuuta 2012

55 Days kuvia harjoituksista

Hampstead Theatre julkaisi eilen lisää kuvia tulevasta Mark Gatissin tähdittämästä näytelmästä. Mark esittää Charles I:stä. Olen menossa katsomaan tätä 12.11.


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Time Out-lehdessä oli myös pieni haastattelu herrasta, ja se on luettavissa täällä.

Did the Charles in your head and the Charles in the play match up for you?

'It's all very consistent with the man as we know him historically. What always fascinates me about him was that he was so slippery - he'd just say anything. If he wasn't king you'd think he was maybe a sociopath, because he would say what he needed to say in the moment regardless of the consequences.'

The Guardian-lehti haastatteli myös Markia viime sunnuntaina.

I'm surprised someone of Gatiss's celebrity still auditions for roles. "It varies. I was offered this and The Recruiting Officer. I auditioned for Season's Greetings and have no qualms about being asked to. But, having been on the other side of the audition table with Sherlock, the truth is that you just don't know. You're not questioning people's ability – they may just not be right. And the awful thing is that you can be wrong." He laughs. "As audiences at Hampstead may be about to discover."

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