keskiviikko 17. lokakuuta 2012

Rupert Everett haastattelu

Aivan huikean loistavan Oscar Wilde-tulkinnan esittää kyllä herra Everett. Tässä pieni juttu herrasta... The Judas Kiss näytelmästä juttua eri postauksessa.

Today, Rupert’s Brazilian boyfriend Enrico, who’s a good two decades younger than Rupert, is a regular visitor at her farmhouse. ‘I think on paper she accepts us but I don’t think she’d like us holding hands or anything like that,’ he says.

‘She’s supportive, but do any of that generation really, inside themselves, think two men should be together? I don’t know. I think if my mum found us kissing she’d projectile vomit.’

Tämän parempaa kuvaa ei Rupertista saatu 12.10.

Which might be why Rupert is so, well, un-Rupert-ish today. This is, after all, the flamboyant, quixotic Rupert who became a star at 24, famous for his on-screen love affair with Colin Firth (who remains a close friend) in Another Country and his off-screen tantrums.

That’s right, the same Rupert who revealed with astonishing honesty how he mixed with film stars, models, junkies, hobos and rent boys in his brilliant autobiography Red Carpets And Other Banana Skins, but fell out with Madonna after calling her an ‘old, whiny barmaid’.

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