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Gatiss & Crook & The Recruiting Officer (The Independent 28.1.2012)

keskustelevat uudestä näytelmästään The Recruiting Officer tässä hauskassa haastattelussa. Ja paljon muustakin, mm. metsänhoidosta! Koko 28.1.2012 The Independent-lehden haastattelu täällä.

As a child, though, he [Mackenzie Crook] was more interested in collecting live specimens than toys. His boyish love of nature remains, and a few years ago he bought himself five acres of Essex woodland as a conservation area.

"I manage it, and coppice it, and try to make it as attractive as I can to native wildlife," he explains. "When I bought it, it was very dense and nothing had been done to it in nearly a century. So I opened up some areas to let light down to the floor, which encourages different types of flora, which in turn encourages invertebrates and then birdlife. It's gradually becoming more diverse. Hopefully I'll be able to pass it on to my children. I read somewhere that Mick Hucknall has a forest called the Forest of Hucknall. Maybe I should call mine the Forest of Crook!"

Or "Crookswood", suggests Gatiss, nodding along in sympathy. "It's important to please your inner eight-year-old. The things that used to make you happy tend to be the things that still make you happy. I've got massively back into collecting fossils like I did when I was a child. And I just bought my brother-in-law a telescope for Christmas, of the size and strength that I always wanted and never had. We went out into the back garden and looked up at Jupiter; it was profoundly moving, because all I ever wanted as a boy was to see Jupiter and its four main Galilean moons. They're like little diamonds."

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