tiistai 2. heinäkuuta 2013

Vaikutusvaltaiset lontoolaiset

Tää on aika kiinnostava listaus, jonka löysin vanhoista sähköposteista. Olen postittanut itselleni blogiin laitettavaksi, mutta vasta nyt se sinne siis ilmestyy...

Luovista ihmisistä (elokuvat, teatteri, kirjallisuus, taide, tanssi, komedia jne.) tehty listaus, ketkä mahtoivat olla viime vuonna Lontoossa vaikutusvaltaisimpia. Joukkoon mahtuu monia kiinnostavia nimiä... Mutta missä oli Ben Whishaw??

Daniel Craig Skyfallin sekä olympialaisten avajaisten yllätysroolin myötä. Ja puolisonsa Rachel Weisz. Danny Boyle, juu, olympialaiset. Helena Bonham Carter ja puolisonsa Tim Burton :-)

Benedict Cumberbatch

The star with the unlikely face and name has an even higher profile than this time last year: 2012 has seen the second series of Sherlock and Parade’s End. Coming up are two roles in The Hobbit (one motion-capture, one voice) and the baddie in Star Trek 2.

Jude Law

With acclaimed performances on stage in Anna Christie and on screen in Anna Karenina, Law is finally breaking free of the pretty-boy image. But he’s still one of our most bankable stars, thanks largely to the Sherlock Holmes movies. A Steven Soderbergh-directed drama called Side Effects is due next.

Dame Helen Mirren

2012 was a comparatively quiet year for Mirren but 2013 looks like keeping the 67–year-old in the spotlight thanks to a stage version of The Queen directed by Stephen Daldry and a Hitchcock biopic in which she plays wife Alma Revill to Anthony Hopkins’s Hitch.

Sir Ian McKellen
Moving between theatre stage and soundstage with an agility that belies his 73 years, McKellen will be trading Prospero’s Book for Middle Earth this Christmas when Part 1 of The Hobbit opens next month — with Part 2 following in December 2013 and Part 3 ... well, you get the picture.

Luke Treadaway
Harry Treadaway


After playing conjoined punk twins in Brothers of the Head, the real-life Treadaway twins have taken separate career paths: Luke in Attack the Block, Killing Bono and gangster tale St George’s Day; Harry in Control, Fish Tank and spoof horror Cockneys Vs. Zombies. Luke also won rave stage reviews for Curious Incident at the National Theatre.

Rupert Everett
Actor and author

Mischievous and versatile actor, known for movies such as Shakespeare In Love and St Trinians, has proved an entertaining author, with his latest memoir, Vanished Years — two decades after he produced his debut book, Hello Darling, Are You Working?

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