perjantai 14. kesäkuuta 2013

Radcliffe WOS-haastattelussa

Nimittäin viime viikonlopulla alkoivat Michael Grandage Companyn tämän kauden kolmannen näytelmän ennakkonäytökset, Daniel Radcliffen tähdittämä The Cripple of Inishmaan Noel Coward Theatressa. Olen menossa heinäkuussa katsomaan tätä, ja odotan kovasti. Onhan se hienoa nähdä Radcliffeä muuallakin kun Harry Potterina, koska kykyjä selkeästi on. Keväällä V&A arkistossa katsomani The Equus on siitä hyvä todiste.

What's On Stage-sivuston haastattelussa nuori herra puhuu mm. roolistaan Martinina ja siihen valmistautumisesta.

Do you ever think about what path you would've taken if it wasn't for Harry Potter?

If I hadn't played Harry Potter I find it hard to believe I would have become an actor. David Copperfield was my first job but I never really viewed it as something serious - it was more something to get me out of school. I think I would have ended up in the film industry in some aspect because of my parents both being in the industry and because I certainly wouldn't have achieved anything in the world of academia. We all accepted that. It is a big thing to ponder; in fact I was just thinking the other day about what would've happened had I not been in Harry Potter. In a way that's a theme in The Cripple of Inishmaan because it's about opportunities and missed opportunities. It's a game I play sometimes; imagining where I would be now. But I generally end up going ‘thank god I'm not there' [laughs].

And in terms of other theatre roles, what else in on your wish list? Would you do Hamlet for example?

Yes I would. It's something any actor would want to do and it's very intimidating thinking about all those who have done it before you and all those I have seen do it. It's hard to imagine at the moment but it is also one of the greatest parts in all of literature so yes, I would jump at the chance. Rosencranz and Gildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard is one of my favourite plays, and another Irish play that I absolutely love is Translations by Brian Friel. I'd also love to do Waiting for Godot, but I'll have to wait til I'm an old man.

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