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Curious Incident kritiikkejä

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A remarkable performance from Luke Treadaway captures all the hero's zeal, obduracy and terror of tactile contact, and pins down behavioural qualities all of us, at some point, see in ourselves. 

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Maybe the seats labelled with prime numbers are a bit gimmicky, but the grid-like stage on which Christopher’s thoughts are projected allows us an idea of how he perceives the world around him. It is as if it is a chess board and members of the ensemble are the pieces he is using to tell his story, only functioning as characters when he desires them to be present.

Luke Treadaway gives a bravura performance as Christopher, encapsulating everything about the character, from the awkward body language to the many monologues about maths and the solar system which turn out to be amusing and fascinating at the same time. 

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The stand-out star, though, is Luke Treadaway as Christopher, who is most definitely an actor to watch. Never mannered or self-conscious, he gives a fine physical performance. Ja linkistä löytyy Daily Mail kriitiikki kokonaisuudessaan.

In normalising the narrative, Stephens has opened the gates for some truly stellar performances. Luke Treadaway is astonishing as Christopher: with his ramrod straight posture, nervously twitching hands and high, precise voice he is strange, funny, brave and sympathetic. But he is also pitiless. Trapped in a world where metaphors and common sense and the colour yellow and his parents' touch will always seem impossibly alien to him, he is without any sentiment. Time Out kehuu myös muita näyttelijöitä

This is a profoundly moving play about adolescence, fractured families, mathematics, colours and lights.

And Luke Treadaway’s remarkable performance in the lead is the best of its kind since David Threlfall’s as Smike in that same RSC Dickens extravaganza; less frenetic, but capturing that essential tone of headlong intellectual assurance and unguarded neediness. Independent kehuu myös

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Lopuksi vielä pieni huomio... Mun mielestä päähenkilö Christopher muistuttaa näissä kahdessa ylemmässä kuvassa kovasti paljon erästäkin brittinäyttelijää, joka viime aikoina on tullut tunnetuksi Sherlock Holmes-tulkinnastaan. Ja kas, kun tässäkin näytelmässä (tai enemmän ehkä kirjassa) päähenkilön yksi likipitäen pakkomielteistä on Holmes. Ympäri käydään, yhteen tullaan...

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